Violet Rails is officially released

Published on: 25 Apr 18:11

Hello World

I originally intended to release violet_rails sometime in June of 2021-- after integrating a few of our clients apps at Restarone with the template.

As usual, life and new projects got in the way-- so we won't be battle-testing violet_rails with our existing projects, but it is now officially available for DIY deployments!

But don't think that this template isn't production ready, because our clients arent using it. if you look closely-- you will notice:

That said, moving forward-- I will be building all SaaS/XaaS products that come through our doors with ultraviolet_rails as the starting point.

Cool, its out. What else is on the roadmap?

While most client apps I build at Restarone will only use the violet_rails template as a productive jumping-off point, I still plan on downstreaming features to the base template as I see fit.

Here are a few things I plan on downstreaming to violet_rails so it will be available right out of the box after deployment:

Contributing to the project

While I have allocated some resources from Restarone for maintaining this project-- as of writing, I remain the sole code-contributor.

So if you are a developer and need help getting started with a deployment (say, for your portfolio site) reach out to me directly or take a look at the violet_rails GitHub page for the source code and documentation.

If you're a developer AND looking for freelance work, reach out to to us! We are always looking for developers to build on top of stuff we build at Restarone

- Shashike

If you want to keep up with the latest developments on this project

Reach out to us from our website or check out the official forum!