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for hosting your next big idea


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Violet Rails

What is Violet Rails?

Calling Builders and Self-Starters

If you are looking to validate a new idea or present a new business to the world, Violet Rails is the platform for you. It is a complete web content management engine that includes professional email, blog, forum, and collaboration tools packaged into your web domain. Take a look at the video demo.

What is it good for?

The Home-Base For Your Next Idea

Being an open-source platform, you can start with a base deployment and customize it to the needs of your business/project. Empower your technical team with a productive Ruby on Rails template.

  • Static web hosting
  • Email
  • E-commerce
  • Blogging
  • Forums
  • File storage
  • Collaborating with your team
  • Tip top Search Engine Optimization
  • Be in control of your data

What About Wix, Wordpress, Gsuite and Everyone Else?

Fixed cost and no vendor lock-in

Depending on the configuration, a violet server can be deployed for as little as $7 a month all-in on any major cloud provider

Unlimited email addresses

After connecting to your domain, you can create and assign as many email addresses as you need at no extra cost

A code first platform

Build web pages with HTML, CSS and Javascript with out of the box support for Bootstrap 4 and jQuery

Built with top-shelf open source software

Violet Rails is supported by a slew of battle-hardened frameworks such as Rails, Sidekiq, Sinatra and Devise (just to name a few)

Collaborative, isolated, and secure

Invite your team or department in your organization with a flexible user management system both at the domain and subdomain levels

Safe and scalable storage

Depending on the specific configuration, Violet Rails can either use the disk on an on-premise server or generic service (such as AWS S3)

Ready to Get Started?

If you want to deploy your own Violet Rails application to your domain, check out the documentation on GitHub or reach out to us for a fully managed solution to fit your needs

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