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What is the difference between Violet Rails and Violet.Solutions?
violet_rails is an open source Ruby on Rails application that combines subdomain based multi-tenancy along with a Web CMS, Blog and email capabilities. Violet.Solutions is a fully managed violet_rails platform that any individual or business can use to manage their web and media presence

How does the Violet self hosted intranet work?

After deployment, you can connect your web address/domain name with the application and use it as an email service, blog and static website. If you'd rather not go through the trouble of setting up violet_rails yourself, you can always use the managed service offered by us.

Benefits of Violet self hosted vs providers like Gsuite, Office 365 and Dropbox

Fixed cost

Depending on the cluster size, a Violet server can be deployed for as little as $7 a month on AWS

Unlimited email addresses

You heard it right! Unlimited email addresses on your custom domain

A code-first platform

Build webpages with HTML, CSS and your favorite Javascript and CSS frameworks (jQuery and Bootstrap 4 included)

SEO friendly

Server rendered pages, friendly URL's and sitemap generator included


Invite the rest of your team, each department in your organization can have their own subdomain.

Built with top-shelf open source software

violet is supported by a slew of battle-hardened frameworks such as Rails, Sidekiq, Sinatra, Devise and ActionText (to name a few)

I want to get started with violet_rails, how can I get the source code and deploy it myself?

violet_rails is available open-source and free of charge for DIY deployments. However, if you are an organization or for-profit business, Restarone Inc offers managed deployment & maintenance services.

This very application is hosted on a T3 small EC2 instance behind an Nginx reverse proxy

Multi schema Database tenancy (PostgreSQL multi-schema)

Originally developed for PostgreSQL, violet_rails supports multi-schema or multiple databases out of the box

Scalable storage

Depending on environment configuration, violet_rails can either use the onboard storage on the server or AWS S3

Scalable & Flexible

violet_rails supports monolithic single server deployments on EC2 as well as Docker environments.

Affordable managed platform (Optional)

We offer violet_rails as a service. Its currently in beta, but if you want to try it,click here

Where can I see it in action?

Right now, you are looking at the "web facing" side of an violet_rails application. Sign up for the demo to see the rest of the features (requires email address).
If you want to take a look at the blog, see below.
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